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El Machine

Mobile development with a soul
We create products, not just rows from spec

We spent a total of 30+ years, 6 500+ days and 50 000+ hours
to understand all the intricacies of mobile development

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Flamp App

Application-guide about organizations of the city.
Helps you find the best companies by reviews and ratings. User can write a review about the organization.
Business owners can reply to their customers.

App has been fully developed by our team.


Allwomenstalk is the perfect place to find the answers about woman's life. From tips on how to safely lose a few pounds to the new hair trends of the season, woman can find it all on 26 blogs dedicated to women's beauty, style, health, matters of the heart and all other important things women talk about.

Our team is engaged in optimizing and adding new features to an existing application. Also we carried out restructuring and refactoring of code base.

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Dishero App

Let the food speak for itself. Dishero is a clean and simple visual menu app. Discover menu items via gorgeous images of restaurants’ offerings. Know exactly what you are about to order. No boring text menus or obscure reviews to count on. Pique your appetite. Share it with your friends.

We have developed Web, Android and iOS Apps. Also have done some design work.

SoulPiter App

This is a guide to the best places of St. Petersburg. You are the first time in Russia’s north capital? Or you are looking for new adventures? Take advantage of prepared trails and spend the whole day in new places. Feel all the coloring of the most beautiful city of the country.

This application is completely designed and implemented by our team.

Codefest App

This lecture schedule one of the major IT conferences in Siberia. With the application, you can learn about the lectures and speaker, as well as create your personal schedule.
Schedule is updated in the background (Background fetch). User receives an UILocalNotification before the start of the selected lectures.

The application has been fully implemented by our team.

Tasty App

This is a diary in which you want to write every day. Our team has done an amazingly beautiful app for conducting diaries. This is a special place where people share their feelings and innermost thoughts.
We make app as maximum as possible favorable for frankness.

Our team wrote whole app from the beginning using Swift.

Skazki App

Skazki is an interactive folktales app for your kids. We have collected and animated stories from all over the world, worked with children psychologists to make stories more exciting and remarkable. Look at classic fairy tales in new colorful and alive pictures.

Our team has fully designed graphics and developed it for iPad.

EasyTen App

This is an application which helps to learn foreign languages. At the core of the application is a new educational technique that helps to learn 10 words a day. Try it and you learn Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, Russian & English languages.

As a partners, our team create tutorial screens for application using UIKit Dynamics.

Grusha App

Grusha is a marketing conference in Novosibirsk. We redesign Codefest app and add some features to fit new tasks.

Our team were responsible for the entire development process.

Tweets Nearby

Who does live near you? Meet beautiful girls and boys. It's a social map with tweets. You can see tweets near to you and talk with tweet sender. Make a new friends and see what happens on you place.

Our team implement whole app with UI and Back-end.


Vitape is social network for exchange photos with your friends. And it was invented before Instagram 😄

Our team implement Back-end and iOS app.


Application for remote control and monitoring security company vehicles. With the ability to control the central lock, siren, engine and emergency mode.

Our team implement client side.